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‘Tax nudge’ reform could unlock up to $19.5b in giving by 2030: new Philanthropy Australia report

Sam Rosevear, Executive Director of Policy, Government Relations and Research Fri, 17 May 2024

A voluntary choice for Australians to donate part of their tax return to charity could help dramatically transform giving in Australia, writes Philanthropy Australia’s Executive Director, Sam Rosevear. A number of options are investigated and modelled in the report by Impact Economics and Policy: Greater Giving: Tax Time Prompts to Increase Charitable Giving.

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Policy and advocacy update

Productivity Commission Inquiry on Philanthropy is provided to Government today

Sam Rosevear Fri, 10 May 2024

The Productivity Commission (PC) is providing its final report on philanthropy to the Federal Government today, another big milestone in the double giving agenda, writes Philanthropy Australia’s Executive Director of Policy, Government Relations and Research, Sam Rosevear. Here, Sam provides an update on his advocacy to government regarding when the inquiry’s findings will be made public.

Policy and advocacy update

Positive, but more to do on Double Giving: our response to Productivity Commission’s draft findings

Sam Rosevear, Executive Director Policy, Government Relations and Research Fri, 1 Dec 2023

Philanthropy Australia thanks the Productivity Commission for the open and consultative approach it took in developing its draft report, ‘Future foundations for giving’. The report recommends some important reforms, including the expansion of Deductible Gift Recipient status to more charities and the establishment of an independent philanthropic foundation controlled by, and for the benefit of, First Nations communities. However, the final report will need to recommend a stronger suite of high-impact reforms if Australia is to achieve a step-change lift in our culture and practice of giving.

Policy and advocacy update

Your Chance to Influence the Charity Blueprint 

Sam Rosevear, Executive Director, Policy, Government Relations and Research, Philanthropy Australia Fri, 10 Nov 2023

A strong sector response to the Charity Blueprint Issues Paper could help secure reforms for more and better giving, says Philanthropy Australia’s Executive Director, Policy, Government Relations and Reform, Sam Rosevear. 

Policy and advocacy update

Treasury consults on Community Foundations reforms 

Fri, 7 Jul 2023

Treasury is consulting on reforms to Community Foundations that look set to not only give effect to the Government’s commitment to provide DGR 1 status to 28 Community Foundations, but to also provide a more streamlined process for new Community Foundations to access DGR 1 status in the future. 

Policy and advocacy update

Agenda to Double Giving Provided to the Productivity Commission

Sam Rosevear, Philanthropy Australia Fri, 5 May 2023

Philanthropy Australia has today provided its submission to the Productivity Commission. Sam Rosevear thanks the members who contributed and summarises the submission.

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