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A little bit of information that may help you before you contact us…

Philanthropy Australia does not provide funding of any kind.

We are a growing movement of people and organisations who believe in the importance of giving and are proud to leverage their wealth and influence to create social change.

We can’t recommend who you should go to for funding – but there are plenty of resources in our Seeking funding section.

Head office – Melbourne

[email protected]

Victoria and Tasmania

Refer queries to Adam Ognall, Executive Director, Engagement

[email protected]

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

National Engagement Manager – NSW and ACT

Rachel Findlay

[email protected]

Queensland and Northern Territory

National Engagement Manager – QLD and NT

Kim Harland

[email protected]

South Australia

National Engagement Manager – SA

Sharon McGann

[email protected]

Western Australia

State Manager – WA and National Director of Membership

Dylan Smith

[email protected]


[email protected]

Media queries

Contact Sophie Marcard, Director, Marketing and Communications at [email protected]